About the co-drawing process

All the drawings on this website have multiple authors. The drawings are passed among a group of artists who meet on a regular basis. The process is open and experimental, as is the number of participants. Anyone can initiate a new drawing and pass it on. As you will see in the Progressive Drawing Stages section, marks are covered up, scraped away, collaged over, and enhanced by new hands. We do this to stimulate our brains, enjoy our craft, and learn new things about ourselves, the nature of constructive collaboration, and the processes we employ to make art. It's really fun and difficult at the same time, and the results continue to surprise. This project started in 2016 in Seattle, Washington, and is ongoing. Current and past participants, in alphabetical order:

Chris Crites 
Sue Danielson
Linda Davidson
Colleen Hayward
Karey Kessler
Beate Liepert
Stephen MacFarlane
Fiona McGuigan
Gene Gentry McMahon
Veronica Mortellaro
Yuka Petz
Juliet Shen
Anne Siems
Ellen Sollod
Cappy Thompson
Marisa Vitiello